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About us
About us 

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Company Profile

Huangshan Hanbond Resin & Pigment Co Ltd is a joint-venture which is invested from Hong Kong, America and China with the total investment of USD1,000,000.00.

We have introduced the latest fluorescence technology from USA and specialized in producing and selling high-grade organic and  environmentally friendly  fluorescent pigments. The products are widely used in the application of toy, paper coatings, textile inks, printing inks and oil painting. The products are designed to cater for the stricter safety, health and environment regulation in pigment market..

Investors of “economic cooperation and technological exchanges” purpose, to adopt advanced technology and scientific management methods, and develop constantly new environmentally friendly products, and improve product quality, and strive to contribute to society. Company based on the enterprise idea of "integrity-based, quality first, technology-leading, professional manufacturing, safety and environmental protection, reasonable prices," continuing to provide the clients with excellent high quality products, We have won the trust and praise by customers.

Sincerely welcome all friends at home and abroad to establish business relations!

To create a gorgeous colorful, safe and peaceful world. 


For a colorful world,

For a safe and peace earth,

We work hard  and continuously,

We strive bravely and ceaselessly,

For all the people who love life,

We strike courageously ahead……

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