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Safety and Environment

It is Hanbond policy to conduct its businesses in a way that will protect the environment and the safety and the health of our employees, our customers, our communities and our contractors. In addition to complying with applicable laws, we continuously strive to make improvements in the following key areas:

1. Designing, building and managing our facilities to ensure they are operated safely and are acceptable to the community.

2. Preventing hazardous waste generation and emissions at the source and reusing and recycling to minimize the need for disposal.

3. Eliminating environmental incidents, including inadvertent releases, leaks and spills.

4. Making, using, handling and disposing of our products safely and working with our customers, distributors and contractors so that they apply similar principles in their handling of our products.

5. Integrating excellence in safety, health and environmental performance as a core value at all levels and for every employee.

6. Committing adequate resources to train employees and sustain our commitment to safety, health and environmental performance.

7. Seeking and responding to public values and concerns about the impact of our operations on safety, health and environment.

8. Pursuing sustainable development by developing and using processes and products that are efficient in their use of energy and by wisely developing natural resources.

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